a bite of china

a bite of china

Sunday, December 15, 2013

MICHELIN Guide San Francisco Bay Area & Wine Country stars & Bib Gourmand

Here is a full list of the MICHELIN Guide San Francisco Bay Area & Wine Country stars:
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Tips on the bottom~

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

[Eating in SF] How's the president's choice? - Great Eastern Restaurant (迎宾阁)

HEAD LINE: President Barack Obama made a surprise lunch stop today in San Francisco’s Chinatown. (Aug 21st, 2012)

That restaurant is Great Eastern Restaurant (迎宾阁) at 649 Jackson St., San Francisco, CA

Saturday, December 7, 2013

[Recipe] 煎酿蘑菇 Make mushroom a "mash room"

Stuffed mushroom is a dish that normal in China. "Niang" can be understand as "stuff". Both the stuffer and the basement can be replaced in this kind of dish. For example, stuffer can be beef, pork, fish, shrimp even mixture of several ingredients. The basement or container is also various from mushroom, green pepper, bitter melon, eggplant and tofu. 

After several English blogs, I decide to write one in Chinese for my close friends. If you want to read the English version, you can check a similar recipe (without starch gravy):

Bon appetite~

Let's get start~
這道菜既可以當做招待朋友的宴客小菜,又可以提前準備出來放在冰箱當做平時功課繁忙時的便當。好吃美味、多種用途,希望大家喜歡 ❤

Friday, December 6, 2013

[Tips] Common Terminology in Chinese Cooking Methods

Got trouble when you want to explain the normal terms used in cooking Chinese cuisine?

Or want to warm up with starting your Chinese cooking?

You might need this video and table~

Chinese Cooking Term
Pronunciation in Pin Yin
English Equivalent
Pan-fry or shallow fry.
Deep fry.

[Tips] Preparation for your Chinese kitchen in San Francisco - Ingredients

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What Ingredients Do I Need To Cook Chinese Food?

Is it really necessary to embark on a frantic search through Chinatown for exotic sounding ingredients such as lily buds, shark's fin, and winter melon, not to mention splurging on fancy gadgets such as ginger graters and garlic crushers?However, there are several basic ingredients that you will use over and over in Chinese cooking.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

[Recipe] Tofu also has brain? - Beijing style tender tofu "soup" (tofu nao)

                                                              Beijing style Tofu Nao
Directly down to my recipe with red label~

The softest tofu is Chinese tofu “brains,” even called Dou Fu Nao in northern China or Dou Hua in south area, which you can only get on the street from food carts or in a traditional deli without my recipe. It’s not cubed, the vendor scoops the freshest, lightest, creamiest curds out of a massive vat of fresh tofu. 

It has different flavors in different cities. In most northern cities, people eat tofu brains in a savory soy sauce-based gravy with pickled vegetables on the top. In Shanghai, where the cuisine tends towards the blander and sweeter, it’s served simply with dried shrimp and scallions. And for Cantonese, Dou Hua is preferred with raw sugar, honey or sweetened fruit on the side.

For now, I won't overwhelm you by further details, and let's just start to prepare your Beijing style breakfast~

[Tips] Kung Fu of Tofu !

Once mentioned Chinese cuisine, people can always associate with tofu. But do you know that food even simple as fresh tofu also has classifications? Or it makes you confusing all the time? Let's figure all it out~

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

~Welcome to Kathy's tasty world~

Hi my dear friends,

This is a blog that I always want to host for my great interest in Chinese cuisine and culture. Before I introduce the content of my blog, I would love to introduce myself for you to know me better at very beginning.

My name is  Kathy, a Chinese girl who is fund of cooking and baking since very young. I have to admit that cooking and baking have already been part of my daily life. Not only for feeding myself, treating my family, it is also a way to share happiness with my friend. As for me, the process of cooking and sharing food alway with a great enjoyment and satisfaction.

Cooking since eight years old, I have got abundant experience on both Chinese food and multinational cuisine. Encouraged by surrounding people, I developed great interesting in Chinese cuisine, also gained a lot of knowledge on the connection of cuisine to our culture.
Moreover, I believe I am a good taster who can recognize the subtile difference between flavors and condiments thanks to my sensitive taste buds. That makes me an ideal adviser for Chinese food by segments.