a bite of china

a bite of china

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

~Welcome to Kathy's tasty world~

Hi my dear friends,

This is a blog that I always want to host for my great interest in Chinese cuisine and culture. Before I introduce the content of my blog, I would love to introduce myself for you to know me better at very beginning.

My name is  Kathy, a Chinese girl who is fund of cooking and baking since very young. I have to admit that cooking and baking have already been part of my daily life. Not only for feeding myself, treating my family, it is also a way to share happiness with my friend. As for me, the process of cooking and sharing food alway with a great enjoyment and satisfaction.

Cooking since eight years old, I have got abundant experience on both Chinese food and multinational cuisine. Encouraged by surrounding people, I developed great interesting in Chinese cuisine, also gained a lot of knowledge on the connection of cuisine to our culture.
Moreover, I believe I am a good taster who can recognize the subtile difference between flavors and condiments thanks to my sensitive taste buds. That makes me an ideal adviser for Chinese food by segments.

So, what will you find in my blog?

- Non-fail recipes (adjusted ingredients that you can find in local grocery).
- Food with cultural meaning and health concern.
- Guide of Chinese restaurant in San Francisco.

Are you ready to take a yummy journey with me? If so, let 's go~

                                                                                      Kathy Zou