a bite of china

a bite of china

Thursday, December 5, 2013

[Tips] Kung Fu of Tofu !

Once mentioned Chinese cuisine, people can always associate with tofu. But do you know that food even simple as fresh tofu also has classifications? Or it makes you confusing all the time? Let's figure all it out~

Ranging by texture from hard to soft:

  • Extra firm (dry tofu):contains the least amount of moisture of all fresh tofu and has the firmness of fully cooked meat and a somewhat rubbery feel similar to that of paneer.    

  • Firm (Lao tofu)substantial consistency which can maintain its shape after hours of  broiling or grilling.
  • Medium firm (Pei-tofu, Northern): the most versatile use after decoct for stir-fries and one pot meals makes everything heartier.
  • Soft (nan-tofu, Southern): with a soft texture that you need to slide it into the sauce gently when cooking just like tofu in Miso soup or Ma-po tofu (spicy tofu) . Cannot be stirred unless you want disintegrate.
  • Silk (tender tofu): firm enough to stand on a plate, and wonderful for a cold appetizer, drizzled with soy sauce and sprinkled with bonito flakes.
  • Tofu Brain (Dou Hua): too moisture to have its own shape, so it is severed by bow with seasoning or gravy just like soup. 

Why Chinese people love tofu?
  1. Health care: High protein yet lower fat than meat. Also with abundant Isoflavones to protect breast cancer.
  2. Historical and geographical: soy is an easy-to-get source of protein rather than meat for vase farming population.
  3. Believes:Chinese believe eating tofu can help you keep on healthy diet and make your body function well.

There will be a Tofu recipe series in my blog. Check it out for further info~